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Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems

Learning management systems are a necessity in the current environment. They are also an opportunity. Liam Crest crafts custom eLearning development systems for a range of non-profits and corporations with 15 years of experience.

What is an LMS?

A learning management system or LMS seeks to impart knowledge and skills among your workforce. Common uses of these systems include teaching:

  • New hires about your company
  • Training all employees on policies and procedures
  • Professional development courses
  • Government-mandated training courses

LMS systems are everywhere in the modern corporation. They impart the knowledge needed to run your organization and build a successful workplace culture.

Why do I need an LMS?

Business LMS and LMS for schools accomplish different tasks but are equally important. For schools, an LMS can account for different learning styles. Corporations reduce risk and improve productivity through education.

Consider the cost of not having proper education in place. In 1988, the US government lost $188 million dollars due to sexual harassment. Today’s lawsuit costs the government an average of $25000. This is not a small number.

Learning management systems for schools

Learning management system in schools must be as inclusive as the modern workforce. Different cultures have different learning styles. In a country that prides itself on diversity, it is important to account for every difference.

Accounting for learning styles in the current climate is easier due to the inclusive nature of accessible websites. Still, companies continue to provide lackluster services.

Learning management systems for organizations

Corporations require education systems just as much as educational institutions. These systems keep employees functioning in a dynamic climate. You must account for:

  • Different learning styles
  • Corporate diversity
  • The content you provide

Liam Crest creates engaging and informative courses for the corporate and educational worlds. Our products seek to engage and not just inform. We impart the knowledge and procedures required to succeed.

Which software should I choose?

Liam Crest builds interactive and compelling software for companies and institutions. We deploy our knowledge to:

  • Craft educational content that your employees and students will learn from
  • Engage and do not simply seek to inform
  • Are a diverse company that understands the needs of your entire workplace or classroom
  • Harness the power of the web to captivate and educate

The promise of eLearning is now becoming the necessity of eLearning. You must not only capture attention but can use the Internet as your biggest aid. Do more than assess, teach students and staff through our interactive systems. Practice makes perfect.

Modern Learning Management Systems for Schools, Businesses, and Non-Profits

Liam Crest works hard to keep our educational systems interactive and engaging. We strive to teach everyone, no matter their background, learning style, or ability. Our staff is as diverse as our customers.

Do not simply promote memorization, especially with the stakes of harassment, a lack of inclusivity, and failed eLearning platforms. Get in touch with Liam Crest to find out more. Visit our website or call us at 312-801-0900.

Learning Management Systems

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