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Protestant Community

Protestant Community

Do you have questions and need clarifications in the scriptures or the Protestant faith? Or do you want to hear more of the faithful teachings and God’s good news? Join ChristForums, a Christian Protestant Community forum and freely raise your concerns and queries. This platform aims to bring glory to God through the dissemination of the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. Our members demonstrate the love of God through sharing God’s words.

About Protestantism

Protestantism is one for three significant forms of Christianity, with Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. This includes the Adventist, Anglican, Baptist, Calvinist, Lutheran, Methodist, and Pentecostal denomination.  This was a movement against the errors in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Unlike the Catholics, Protestants do not believe in Mary’s virginity, the veneration of the saints, and the principle of Justification. Also, they do not believe in the real presence of Jesus in the bread and wine. Instead, they believe that it is a symbol of Christ.

How did Protestantism start?

Protestantism started as a movement in Germany during the 16th century. Martin Luther, an Augustinian monk, criticized the Roman Catholic Church and suggested reformation. His ideas became the foundation of the protestant movement and challenged many practices of the Roman Catholic Church who gained a monopoly at that time.  

Instead of a reformation of the Catholic tradition, Protestantism evolved when the Roman Catholic Church resisted change. Luther then developed the doctrine of justification by faith alone. These ideas of Martin Luther opened up other branches or denomination of Protestantism and started the growth of the Protestant community.

What are the beliefs of Protestantism?

Protestantism acknowledges the fundamental principles: scripture alone, justification by faith alone, universal priesthood of believers, trinity, and five solae. The scripture alone belief emphasizes the Bible as the source of infallible truth. Protestants firmly believe in the scripture and that the Bible is the primary source of authority higher than the church tradition.

The doctrine of justification by faith alone says that we can only attain salvation through faith and not by good works or the intercession of the church. The universal priesthood of believers opposes the exclusive priesthood belief where priests are the mediators between God and the people. Protestants believe that the universal priesthood is an expression of the relationship of the believer and God. 

Protestants believe in Trinity where God has three personas: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. While the Five Solae pertains to the five Latin phrases from the Protestant Reformation, it is a summary of the fundamental differences of the Protestants to the teachings of the Catholic Church. It believes that the teaching of the Bible is correct, and this alone is enough for salvation.

With the firm belief in God's commandment to love each other, ChristForums sincerely aims to connect believers of the Protestant community. Our goal is to make them help each other in sharing God’s word and strengthening the Protestant Faith.

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