Beechcraft T-34A "Mentor"

Model: T-34A
Year Built: 1953
Construction #: AF-53-4119
Civil Registration: N663DB

Specification & History

Wing Span: 32 ft 10 inches
Length: 25 ft 11 inches
Engine: Continental O-470 230hp
Empty Weight: 2,156 pounds
Gross Weight: 2,900 pounds
Maximum Speed: 190mph
Range: 821 miles
Crew: 2
Number Built: 450

The T-34A was used by the USAF for primary flight training during the 1950s. The original Mentor, a Beechcraft Model 45 derived from the famous Beechcraft Bonanza, was first flown in December 1948. The first military prototype, designated YT-34 by the USAF, made its initial flight in May 1950.

After extensive testing the USAF ordered the Mentor into production as the T-34A in early 1953. The first production T-34A was delivered to Edwards AFB in October 1953 for evaluation, and deliveries to the Air Training Command began in 1954.

The T-34A served as the standard primary trainer until the USAF introduced the Cessna T-37 jet trainer in the late 1950s. As they were replaced by the T-37, many T-34s were turned over to base Aero Clubs. In all, 450 T-34As were produced for the USAF. Three hundred fifty were built in the U.S.A. and 100 more were produced in Canada under license. In addition, two U.S. Navy versions of the Mentor were produced: the T-34B and the turboprop-powered T-34C. The Mentor also was built for the military forces of at least 10 friendly foreign nations.

History of Beech T-34A Mentor BuNo. AF-53-4119

March 1955 Aircraft completed by Canadian Car & Foundry
24 April 1955 Delivered to 3306th Pilot Training Group
Bainbridge Air Base, GA
61-Delta - Interesting site about Bainbridge training
3 October 1964 Released from 3306th Pilot Training Group
5 October 1964 Arrived Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
November 1964 Released from Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
21 November 1964 Arrived Aircraftsman, Inc. Oklahoma City, OK
for civilian certification.
11 December 1964 Purchased by Ken Williamson, State College, PA
Registered as N12270
12 May 1980 Major cosmetic restoration
September 1980 Registration changed to N34KW
February 1982 Aircraft fitted with 285hp Continental IO-520
See article: Hot Rod Mentors
March 1982 Registration changed to N34119
1983 Judged Best T-34 - Oshkosh '83
February 1985 Sold to Patrick Randall, Gaithersburg, MD
Registered as N713PB
February 1992 Registration changed to N663DB
1993 Sold to Air to Air, Inc., Naperville, IL
1993 New Paint
Undetermined Used by Lima Lima exhibition team.
September 2000 Registered to Eagle Air One, Breckenridge, CO
August 2007 Acquired by the Marine Aviation Museum