In Memorial

This section pays tribute to servicemen that either gave the supreme sacrifice to their country during the Vietnam War, or whose fate has never been determined.

If you a know of a Vietnam War serviceman that you would like to honor here, please e-mail us at Veterans

MIA = Missing In Action

KIA = Killed In Action

'A Soldier's Heart'

A soldier's heart
So courageous and brave
Committed to his country
And the life's he saves

Giving all he's got
But wanting to do more
So proud to serve his country
And what our flag stands for

Away from home
Living in a foreign land
Standing on the frontline
Waiting for his command

Fear is unknown 
As he battles another
So eagerly he would die
To save his fellow brother

Born a warrior
Right from the start
That's why God gave him
A soldier's heart

by Andrianna Holt
copyright 2003-2004


Serviceman Status Date

Lt. Col. Carroll B. Lilly

MIA Apr 9, 1971