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Folland Gnat T.1

Built in 1964 by Folland Aircraft, XR991 was first flown on 29 May 1964, and delivered to the RAF on 1 July, becoming a founding airframe of the Yellowjacks Aerial Display Team. XR991 became aircraft 9 when the Yellowjacks were reformed The Red Arrows, remaining with the team until the Gnats were replaced with British Aerospace Hawk T.Mk1s in September 1979.


After retiring from the Red Arrows, the aircraft became maintenance training airframe 8637M with the Royal Air Force College Engineering Flight at Cranwell, before being passed to the School of Aircraft Handling at Culdrose as A2709 on 27 January 1982, where it remained until it was transported to Leavesden on 11 November 1987 for storage. On 3 August 1988, XR991 was registered G-BOXO by Ruanil Investments Ltd, who retained ownership until 15 August 1989, when it was transferred to the United States of America becoming N1CL.


Shortly after coming to the U.S., N1CL was used as one of the lead jets in the 1991 Top Gun spoof called "Hot Shots!" starring Charlie Sheen. The aircraft was painted grey and was given the fictiontal name "Oscar EW-5894 Fallus Tactical Fighter Bomber". The jet recently changed to it's present day N-Number of N5RD.


This jet was purchased from a private owner in 2023, by Jerod and Amanda Flohr. N5RD is currently based out of the Vietnam War Flight Museum, and can be seen at airshows as Gnarly Gnat Airshows across the U.S. flown by Jerod Flohr.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Limiting Mach Number:  1.3 Mach

  • Maximum Level Speed:  0.95 Mach (525 knots IAS at SL, 636 mph)

  • Ceiling:  48,000 ft

  • Range:  1,151 miles (with two 300-liter under wing tanks)

  • Length:  31ft. 9in. (without probe)

  • Height:  9ft. 7.5in

  • Wing Span:  24ft.

  • Engine Type:  Rolls Royce Orpheus 101

  • Maximum Thrust:  4,520 lbs. at 9,660 rpm at SL

  • Fuel Capacity, internal:  268 IG

  • Fuel Capacity, external:  118 IG

  • Weight empty:  5,560 lbs

  • Maximum Take-Off Weight:  9,520 lbs

  • Rate of Climb: 20,000 ft/min

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